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Unsatisfactory service quality complaint three moving companies   our 7th reporters today learned from the consumers Association in Harbin, the "51" Association in Harbin had received consumer complaints Advisory during the golden week is 67. Among them, clothing shoes, top 17, followed by 9 10 pieces for household appliances, mobile phones, service 8, 7 pieces of food and drugs, the other 16. &Nbsp;7 days have three moving companies were complaints to the Association.   Season and a time that most businesses take advantage of discounts, clothing, hats, such complaints are still very focused. Consumers Mr Suen "51" in Nangang district during large shoes spent 130 Yuan to buy a pair of shoes, brazenly issued by the merchant credit card marked "warranty" for one month, Heilongjiang province, and the fifth article of footwear warranty liability: price of 100 Yuan more than three bags of imitation leather shoes for three months.   Within as little as 7 days, there will be three moving companies appealed to Harbin by consumer associations. Consumer Ms led and "door" moving company agreed to the price of 120 Yuan for a car handling, May 7 to move into the "eight zero margin" of workers, and in terms of service conflict between the two sides, then consumers had temporary employed workers in an emergency. Consumers Mr Teng and "time saving" moving company conflicts due to the service and quality are not satisfied, both sides broke up, consumer moves to a new House but got angry.   
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