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Handling leasing industry strengthening credit construction: the Beijing Association of moving companies to rely on, and implementation of trade-related laws, regulations and policies, regularly moving company qualification, operational conditions, operating procedures, management and price check through competitions held in Beijing and moving company management experience-sharing sessions, and popularize advanced experience. Car rental industry on the premise of maintaining good condition, reliable performance, actively carry out shunting the door, provides free assistance services.  
Moving company industry effort to enhance the level of security services in Beijing. station introduced Internet ticketing: for maximum convenience for the masses to buy ticket, one each in Beijing-level station will launch online booking, passenger station introduced County secondary computer ticketing, urban temporary station to implement unified ticket of the window. Convenient ticket specification moving company prices in Beijing, to minimize wasteful competition, to achieve "car pit stop, people" purposes. Cooperate with the Transport Department, the station for not complying with the provisions into the station stopped, avoiding transit inspection station security, standing outside at will up and down of passengers, loading and unloading goods vehicles and crossed the showmanship as a street around, pour, scams and other disturbing the order of road Beijing moving company vehicle, determined to combat it. In addition, in order to further strengthen the management of tourist vehicles, transport requested by the travel company over 7 must all GPS to facilitate business and industry through the implementation of GPS platform dynamic regulation.  

&Nbsp;  this year transport the station field will implementation computer networking ticket, city bus service to let masses satisfaction, goods Beijing moved company will implementation clean fuel, car rental will carried out free provides rescue service freight will strengthening dangerous goods Beijing moved company management: goods Beijing moved company aspects, in served timely, and security, and shortcut, reduced damage, and goods poor premise Xia, for perfect quality reputation assessment system, strengthening dangerous goods Beijing moved company management, This year Canal through the development of assessment methods and strict review of business qualification and operational conditions, signed a chain of safety responsibility responsible for monitoring the implementation of security. Meanwhile, implementing dangerous goods moving company contract system of Beijing through dangerous goods moving company Beijing civilian GPS satellite positioning equipment, strengthening the dynamic regulation of dangerous goods vehicles in Beijing moved. In addition, fast freight industry to respond to Government calls for energy-saving and emission reduction, actively promote clean fuels. Moving company in Beijing to improve security services    

City bus service to satisfy the crowd, moving company industry effort to enhance the level of security services in Beijing. on "creating national health city, build civilization integrity bus" theme this year by creating urban public transport "service line" and "quality contest" and other activities, further enhance employee skills and level of service. In the provision of quality service, service with a smile at the same time, also make sure that the bus stop clean, stop order, car dirt-free, patent no loss, door and window glass in good condition, clean floors and seats, and strive to make people satisfied with.    BACK
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